Final Presentation…


For the final work we started posting our parts of the presentation on our facebook group and comment on it and discuss about it.
So eventually we decide who goes first and last and how to present it.
that was an interesting experience and I thought that it is going to be very easy and it’s like just presenting it for myself. It was really funny that actually presenting in virtual life can also be stressful and you should be as prepared as presenting physically in a classroom or a conference. For me even more since English is my second language and sometimes not people being able to see my face expression and body language can make it even more difficult to understand! Definitely, I should have timed my presentation because due to time issue I cut a lot of materials when I was presenting it.

The other thing that I liked about our this virtual presentations was standing walking around and going to different places to listen to presentations.

I thought that it was very long to listen to presentations altogether for different reasons. First, people normally pay attention to fist few presentations and the last ones are always that the one that receive less attention. Second, it was getting very late for students in Dublin.
In my opinion it was better if we could have 2 different days for presentations.

The best part was the group picture! 🙂

Overall, it was a great and unique experience!


reading 2


Of course we call FB, twitter, linkedin, and etc. social media but there are big differences among each of them.
Each of them developed in our society in different way.
The way that facebook has developed is more toward personalized things such as posting day to day experiences and sharing it with friends. I believe if someone does that it is better to keep it private and for the specific group of people that are well known and trustable. In my opinion facebook should be more for friends in terms of communication.
However, when it comes to twitter people should be very careful what to talk about. because it is like a small blog that your words can spread all around the world within short amount of time and anybody can see it and that is the whole purpose and it should not reflect “what ever comes to my mind and I write it down” type of thing!
people should really think thoroughly what ever they want to twit and accept the consequence of their words. It is exactly like microphone with no voice! There is no place for emotions coming out and twitting something or joking about something that one regrets later on. A good example of such problems is written in the article (1) about the racist post of a former IAC which was also offensive for people with AIDS disease and people with darker skin. She ended up being fired over one tweet!

Social networking and media are fairly new to our societies and people should be able to use them responsibly and even teach younger generation to how to start using them instead of being thrown in the middle of it with no education and cause them trouble.

Even some professionals should be more aware of the words that they write and think about it before posting it. The were so many critics for one of the Dr. Phil’s post that is discussed in an article (2). I think in his post he did not mean anything bad and he just wanted to raise awareness and let people think about something that he posted and sort of rhetorical question. then people started to make a big deal out of it and make it seems like he meant something else.
Sometimes people I looking for something that someone says so they can make something funny from it and this happens all the time for celebrities and I think it wasn’t a big deal what he said and definitely his attention of that post wasn’t what people made it seems like.




There are always good side and bad side of any thing. Technology and the way that it is being used is not an exception to this fact.
In the article about the hurricane sandy (1) shows a very effective and useful side of the twitter (hashtags) for sharing information and situation among the community or to find volunteers to help after hurricane sandy happened. Or also using Instagram for sharing individual stories about the hurricane sandy. These are great for sharing information!

I am fairly new to tweeter and wasn’t that familiar with the hashtags and I never used them and I never wanted to till I took this class and made an account for it.
For me the hashtags seemed very very overwhelming when I started looking around on tweeter. That made me feel like I don’t even want to use it. But when I look at the purpose of the hashtags is actually very useful and a best way to communicate and connect a subject or an issue that needs to be addressed to a specific group of the people with the same interests.

Now for a picture they put and make so many hashtags that is not even necessary and can be described without putting the hashtag!
I feel like Hashtags are just become a “cool” way to say things or just being cool putting so many hashtags that are even longer than a sentences! haha!

In the article about marketing and hashtags(2), mentions about the overuse of hashtag and diverting them to the way that wasn’t related to the purpose of making them at the first place.
This is not all the time good and change the whole purpose if the hashtag.

Sometimes people using hashtags changing the way that the companies started to use them for marketing can be also good; not for the company but maybe for consumers. And it can become an honest way to give their opinion about a certain product or problem about a company. The McDonalds hashtag is a good example (#McDStories) that was mentioned in the article about marketing and hashtag (2). Of course still people use it for saying very irrelevant stuff about it but still it can be a voice from consumers to others.

Sometimes the good things that comes out of technology is much greater than the bad side of it. Sometimes some other over weigh the other one. I just hope that people use technology and social media more responsibly and efficiently! and education might help because still online environment is a free space and can’t force one to use the social media the way that for example somebody else wants to use. At the same time each individual should consider that this is a “Social” media and involves virtual society and public.



Group Progress


As I mentioned in the blog about group communication (, we decided to communicate through facebook (fb).

I thought that communication would have been faster but I, myself, was not as fast in communicating for the project compared to other things that were going on Facebook. Honestly, I think it was the nature of knowing that it is a work and we are obligated to do this.

For continue working on the reality presentation, one person in the group found an article that mentioned different type of reality for the start. On fb we decided to each of us searching more about the realities that was mentioned in the article and find as many examples as we can.

Next weeks we all posted what were more interested to find and what we would find. Then each of us came up with a specific topic.

Overall everybody in the group was communicating very good and the other good thing about fb was that if somebody did not have time to answer the messages or was not in the situation to answer the messages then we could see that at least their checked the post. Since the fb tells who have seen a post in the group page. Then we knew that everybody knows about a post and we are all on the same page.

Virtual Regulation?!!


there are so many ways that this issue can be looked upon.
I do not have a set opinion on virtual Regulation. Both sides of the arguments have a point in this matter. Regulating and not regulating that is the question?

In my opinion when virtual reality and identity becomes part of someone or a group of people’s reality, even if it is virtual, there are always people that can abuse from technology to harass people and there should be a way to protect those identities.
This will be even worse if money is involved in virtual world.

But on the other hand how far we can go in regulating? How strict should it be? is it going to be a slippery slope to just making the regulation stricter to the point that take away the freedom that they should have in virtual world for creativity, doing things that maybe in real life is so impossible such as building or simulating something similar to reality.

I think this is just the beginning ages of the virtual world and it will end up to be so intertwined with reality that they end up putting so many strict regulations on it! Just because there are always some people that take advantage of every good thing and spoil it for others and make it seems bad! it is not a very optimistic opinion but I think that’s they it is and especially with professionals getting more and more involved in virtual world and wanting to protect their practice and finding a way to increase their income via virtual life then definitely they will be more regulations involved.

FB our way of communication for our project!


For our group project in our online class we decided to use Facebook!

The first reason is that Facebook fever is so high and pretty much most of the people has FB, world widely!

The other reason is that everybody checks their fb every few minutes by computer, phone, I-pad, tablet and etc.

For some reason people communicate and respond on fb better and faster than anything else! Including me! I don’t know why but in fb I can communicate easier than email or any other apps! For example if I am not very close with one person and I am supposed to write something to them, formally, I will write easier to that person through Facebook than email, with the same content!  So in my opinion we could communicate more efficiently and update each other about our progress in our project faster.

I think when people work on a group project they should be closer to each other and be able to work effectively with each other and only seeing each other’s avatar maybe doesn’t give that sense of reality to the group project or group members! So getting to know each other and talking to each other on fb gives a sense of reality to it! I don’t know if it is good or bad! But at least I know that I am not used to only working with avatars! Maybe I am wrong and people can collaborate perfectly with only each other’s avatar and I need to get used to it! I will be glad if you give your opinion about it! 🙂

Exploring In Second Life…


As I mentioned in the blog “About Me” I am interested in Theater and Acting! So I started looking for different places related to that.  The first place that I visited was Rose art and Galleries. This virtual place had an amazing architectural design. I couldn’t imagine how much time was needed to make all of those structures in details. I could see from the little map that there were some people there but I didn’t really meet anyone and it was so difficult to find my way to those people! Technically I was lost in that place and eventually I couldn’t find them;  the building structure was too complicated, haha!

I wanted the second place that I visit to be more related to acting.  I found a place called “1920s Berlin project”.  I got teleported to a street with a fashion gallery on it that you can walk around and see different old fashion styles.  Then I started walking around and entering to a specific district on the street, which at the same time warned me that you need a specific dress code (1920’s clothes). When you pass that area, there is a train that takes you to old berlin after World War2.  I really didn’t know what was going on! There was a train/Bus Stop called U-Bahn which is even now called U-Bahn in Germany. It was really funny that at one point I was close to get hit by the bus and I made then man who was riding the train in U-bahn angry!

  I met a woman avatar in that station and asked her that I am new to SL and I came to this place and I don’t know what’s going on and people come and go with train and buses and in general what’s going on here! She explained to me that you should act that you are living in 1920’s and it’s after war and she told me the rest is city life and you get to the city and meet people that they also act. You should just let you imagination go! Then she started acting and saying that she lost her family during the war and she is alone now and she immigrated to live in Berlin. She can’t afford an apartment or house so she sleeps on the bench at nights! And I started to empathize with her!

It sounded very funny and silly at the beginning! Then I thought about it that it really gives flexibility to your mind and your imagination; for example for writing plays and scripts! If anybody took any acting classes and body language classes knows you need to be very creative to act something that is new and not cliché.  When I thought about it, this place and interacting with different people with different languages and way of communications helps to give so many ideas and generate so many thoughts in mind regarding acting and can help to improve one’s acting skills and creativity. This happens if only that person add a thought process to it afterwards.

Again the only problem is that it requires a lot of time!  Overall, it was quite an interesting experience! I recommend visiting that place and as that lady (avatar) said “let you imagination go”!